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Our Comprehensive Approach

Each new and renewed engagement is approached with a consultative process. This allows Screaming Eagle Wealth Management to have an open dialogue in which we learn about every client's values and goals while working with them to tailor a plan to help achieve those goals. As a valued client, you will experience our Wealth Management process, built around a series of five meetings, outlined below.

The Wealth Management process is built around a series of five meetings. Kicking off the process is the Discovery Meeting, which entails one very crucial step, the Total Client Profile & Mind Mapping. Screaming Eagle Wealth Management must comprehend the clients entire financial picture. The questions asked go far beyond specific asset management or estate planning requirements and into the realm of their most important values, relationships and lifelong dreams. One of our clients has even described it as "uncomfortably detailed." You get the idea.


In the Discovery Meeting, the clients and advisor sit down to build the Total Client Profile (TCP), to truly understand all that is more important to the client. As the world, family and clients themselves change, we need to stay in touch with all of this. After all, these are the things we are working hard to help our clients achieve.

the professional network

The Professional Network is really the icing on the cake during the Wealth Management process. As personal quarterbacks to our client's finances, we lead our clients team of financial professionals. Commonly clients need professional services of an accountant, attorney and insurance agent. We find it vital for these professionals to work together for the betterment of the client. In this case, our team can work with clients, introduce client's to our vetted network, or help find one. Professional Network meetings take place regularly to review case studies, get additional perspectives and work together to ensure we are doing all that we can to improve our clients lives. 

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