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A Healthy Investing Mindset For Election Season Thumbnail

A Healthy Investing Mindset For Election Season

The presidential election season is upon us and many of us are wondering how this may affect our investments. Below are truths that will help you keep a healthy investing mindset:

  • Investment performance over the short term, including during election season, is largely driven by emotions and randomness
  • The economy is much larger and influences markets much more than a certain political party in power
  • Political parties and the media will bombard you with partial truths and tag lines to get you emotionally charged (so you will tune in)
  • Investing based on news headlines, emotions or "expert" forecasts can be a very costly activity
  • Recognize the difference between luck and investor skill
    • Guessing the right outcome is luck
    • Patience and discipline are fruits of investor skill
  • Process transcends returns in uncertain scenarios (like an election)
    • Let the investment process guide your decisions

Vote with your heart and energy, not with your portfolio.

©2020 The Behavioral Finance Network. Used with permission.